New Launch Condo Singapore

Things to Consider when buying new condo Launch In Singapore

While a purchasing a new launch condo Singapore, there are a number of factors which must be taken into consideration. These considerations will enhance one’s home ownership experience wether they are native to Singapore or a foreign property owner.

Homeowners association fees will vary from each new launch condo Singapore. Because the condo units are private ownership, how the homeowner’s association fees are structured are based own the agreed upon management of each homeowner association for the condo. The amounts can vary greatly and may be adjustable based on the happening of certain events or scheduled times. As the new owner, it is your responsibility to understand the amounts of the fees that are your responsibility as well as what are the amenities that the fees are designed to cover. Your fee agreement may have an “opt out” cause for events that you may not attend such as holiday parties and pool events.

Homeowner association rules for any new launch condo Singapore, are another consideration that a new owner must be prepared to follow. Once the condo is purchased, the owner is agreeing to abide by the rules. There are no exceptions and failure to do so will result in fines and penalties that can be levied as a lien upon your estate interest. Understanding the rules and how the rules are going to be enforced may impact your decision as to whether you will enjoy your stay at the stated condo. Condo rules are simple. The majority rules. If you are not in the majority, you may not like living at that condo. For more new condo launches in Singapore click here.

Privacy in your new launch condo Singapore may vary based on the design of the condo and the location. It is not unusual to have a neighbor or numerous neighbors adjacent or across from you. Also, the customs of the country are important to understand as different cultures have different perspectives regarding privacy.

Insurance, state and local tax. Based on the location of the condo, various taxes and fees may be assessed to you as the owner. If you are a foreign owner of a condo in Singapore, you need to be particularly aware of special assessments for foreign owners.